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Project Details

This quote form is limited to a single day of filming. For a multi-day shoot, book a call with us for a custom quote.

For additional videos as part of a larger project, please book a call with us.

This refers to the editing style; how quickly do the clips in the video change? 

- Slow is recommended for longer format content (anything above 10 minutes) 
- Standard & Fast are better for highlight and promotional material. 
- Uncut is all footage combined into 1 single video (or individual clips) with no editing inbetween.

What additional services do you need?

Lighting -

Professional studio lighting to improve the production quality (not recommended for public shoots).

Audio -

For projects that include talking/interviews or rely on live sound recording.

Drone - 

Cinematic aerial footage from a CAA-licensed & insured drone pilot.

Storyboarding -

Planning the video shot by shot - providing more clarity for the shooting and editing process (recommended for complex videos).

Photography -

An additional Photographer capturing content for the length of the shoot.

All Done!

We just need your contact details to send over your quote to your email. Don't worry, we don't spam.


If you don't book a call and we can't get through on your contact number, we will send you a reminder in a couple of days and leave it with you.

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