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Pre-Production & Planning

Planning is an essential part of the project. Once there is an understanding of the project goal, we will then work hard to develop a concept or proposal that effectively and creatively delivers your message. This process also ensures that logistics are in order to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly throughout the process from start to finish.

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Story & Messaging

In order to build an engaging and creative piece of media, there is a large element of science and structure involved. Right down to the little details such as pacing and framing, we strive to make content that can be appreciated visually and deliver a message. This sense of purpose helps to build projects that are both pleasing and memorable.

Wedding 3

Strategic Planning & Marketing

For corporate projects and business videos, we work closely with you to deeply understand your business and its needs. By assessing your consumer journey, we are able to recognise how we can help synthesise with your brand to drive real measurable results - all of which will be planned and illustrated to you along with this process.

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Professional Equipment

High-quality media is supported by high-end equipment. We use a wide selection of professional studio-grade camera and lighting equipment to maximise video quality and production value. We also utilise other pro accessories such as drones, stabilisers, audio recorders and lenses.

BTS Filming 1 (cropped)

Studio Hire

Having access to a large studio space is perfect for infinity wall scenes on both white or black backgrounds. We offer discounted hire prices for local studio in New Milton when booking services with us. This studio also includes a dressing room and kitchen facilities. Visit their website to find more information about the available spaces.


Drone & Aerial Footage

Add an element of "wow" to your content through drone and aerial footage. Offer viewers the chance to see from a whole new perspective. Aerial footage is a great addition to all types of media and helps to increase the overall production value of your project. Completed by a fully certified and licensed drone pilot.

Drone 2 (focused)

Post FX & Green Screen

Add stimulating visual effects to your video to dramatically increase the production value of your project. Motion graphics and titles help to quickly illustrate information, while special effects help grab and hold the attention of the viewer. Whether it's using a green screen in production or adding visual assets in post, we are able to take your project to further.

Green Screen Before n After.png

Colour Grading & Correction

Different mediums require different looks; styles can vary between cinematic and commercial projects. Colour grading will help to diversify your content and subconsciously support the messaging of the video. This process requires precise corrections and extreme attention to detail to develop clean colours & quality visuals. 



We welcome feedback during all parts of the planning and shooting process as this allows for ideas to flow and ensure that the project is received well. Once the project is delivered as a draft or final, we will also offer you the opportunity to make 1 major and 1 minor editing revision included with your quote as this allows you to express your thoughts on the final piece and make sure you are happy with the result.

Painting Interview 3


Once you're all happy with the project, we will then process the final files and upload them to an online storage platform that you will be able to access and share online for 30 days. If you are looking to purchase any physical items from us such as prints or albums, we will aim to deliver these to you within 2 - 4 weeks and will give you an estimated date on completion of the project.

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Post FX

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